History & Values

More than 60 years ago, accountants Sanford Rogoff and Nathan Glassman set up a small office in Albuquerque, New Mexico with the goal of delivering superior service by incorporating creativity, integrity, accountability and respect for clients into their practice. From that small office, REDW has grown to become one of the top financial services firms in the Southwest. And through all the changes in the decades since—including seismic shifts in business and technology—our founders’ vision lives on.

Sanford Rogoff understood the importance of leadership, hiring outstanding people, and cultivating an environment of integrity and shared values. We continue to operate with these values today.


​We encouraged our team members – from senior principals to administrative staff – to join together in creating a set of simple, guiding principles that, together, fulfill the REDW Purpose and Promise:

Purpose-driven: we are passionate about making meaningful contributions in the lives of each other, our clients and our communities.

Together, we chose these commonly held values:

We are better together.
Embrace diversity of thought and inclusion.
Collaborate with passion and purpose.
Communicate with candor and curiosity.
We do what is right.
Integrity counts.
Never compromise values.
Assume personal responsibility.
We dream big.
Challenge conventional wisdom.
Uncover new solutions.
Be relentless in pursuit of a better way.
We lead the way.
Go beyond good enough.
Encourage knowledge sharing.
Pursue excellence.
Exceed expectations.
Dare to delight.
Serve willingly and selflessly.

Recognizing the unique value each individual brings to our purpose, we commit to making a difference whether we represent REDW as one person, or as many. We are grateful to the communities and enterprises we serve and honored to play a part in their success.