Accounting and Financial Project Management
Accounting and Financial Project Management

Financial Statement Preparation
Your financial statement can be a valuable tool to measure progress within specific areas in your company, as well as overall financial wellness, and changes in financial performance that have occurred over time. REDW offers clients financial statements that are defined in concrete terms so that all stakeholders and users are equipped with the necessary information and tools to make smart, economic decisions and projections. Our team guarantees a financial statement that is clear, relevant, dependable and comparable that will stand up to the scrutiny of owners, investors, financial institutions and tax authorities. All factors including income, assets, equity and expenses are reflected in each client’s financial position.

Audit Preparation and Accounting Services
We take the anxiety out of audit preparation by coordinating and gathering the information requested by your auditors, preparing audit schedules and drafting your financial statements. Our team of audit preparation specialists can come in and pick up the pieces, if you’re behind on bank reconciliations and financial reports, with minimal interruption to your accounting staff. We get you ready for the audit while reducing stress and deadline pressure.

Financial Processes and Internal Controls
Fraudulent business practices are the leading cause of profit and client losses in most organizations, and can often be traced back to poorly designed or under-enforced internal controls. REDW can perform a current state analysis and assess the quality of governance, control, assurance, and security within your organization. Our highly experienced auditors are enthusiastic about identifying the best practices for your company’s optimal performance, testing compliance within your internal controls, and designing new financial controls to keep up with technology.

We help you create an environment that sends the message that your senior management is committed to strong controls, and that your staff is looking for weaknesses in the right areas. Communication and IT controls ensure that your team understands their responsibilities and that all your stakeholders receive effective communication. Preventative activities assist in testing the strength of current controls, and can improve performance in areas such as sales, purchasing, procurement, accounts payable, and payroll. Monitoring controls is the art of finding your own mistakes.

Financial Projections
When it comes to predicting the future financial performance of your company, financial projections can be the most important process you undertake in order to do strategic planning. By consistently keeping tabs on your company’s strengths and weaknesses, markets and competitors, your organization can tackle internal and external changes, and better define new problems and opportunities. Depending on your organization’s objectives, you may need to develop several different iterations of budgets and short and long term projections.

REDW can translate your financial projections into an imperative tool for feedback and control. This feedback will help transform your company’s specific goals into well mapped courses of action. We help you track any variations in your projections early on to address warning signs of potential problems, and include the cost and effects of implementing corrective measures when variance occurs.

Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting and Due Diligence Assistance
The demands of rapid business growth and maturity often places management in the position of merging with or acquiring another company. The decision process can be time consuming and difficult because of the constantly changing economic environment. REDW experts have a proven record of successfully guiding clients through this complex process by delivering expert financial advice, and minimizing the risks inherent to change. When adapting to new changes, both internal and external, some businesses are forced to restructure in order to survive.

The merger and acquisition experts at REDW advise clients on the multiplex of decisions they face in reorganizing their operations, without placing any additional burden on your staff. Merger, acquisition and restructuring services include due diligence and business structuring consulting.

Outsourced and Co-Sourced Internal Audits
Rather than building up your auditing staff, a costly and time consuming process, why not let REDW join, lead or design your audit team? With our commitment to integrity and accountability, internal auditing provides ethical and intellectual value to your organization’s senior management. Our objectivity and independence enables our capable auditors to offer a full scope of internal auditing, regardless of how broad the topics may be—operations efficacy, reliable financial reporting, preventing and investigating fraud, safeguarding assets, and compliance with laws and regulations.

REDW has a fully staffed internal audit department that specializes in working with a variety of entity types to provide co-sourced and outsourced internal audits. Services we can provide include:
  • Basic risk assessment procedures
  • Fully outsourced internal audits
  • Co-sourced arrangements where REDW provides oversight and resources to your internal audit personnel
  • Additional internal audit staffing
  • Training of existing personnel
  • Reference materials including tailored audit programs.

Accounting Personnel Training
When it comes to hiring in today’s corporate world, too often the selection process focuses solely on expertise and track record without considering how well the candidate will actually fit in at the company. When the result is an unsuccessful placement, it can negatively impact morale and productivity while costing time and money. We work with clients to develop a clear understanding of their unique company values and culture, then implement training programs to continuously enhance your employees’ professional development and skills.