“Studies show that most people remain in a job not because of salary or position but rather because of the people they work with. Other team members we interviewed seemed to most appreciate the personal investment that the Principals and fellow team members placed in them. It’s that mentality of working for someone who “wants more for you than themselves” that instills the confidence and motivation in us that is necessary to reach our own true potential.”


-- Laura Madril, REDW Team Member

Defining Opportunity
Defining Opportunity

How do you attract high-quality candidates to a CPA firm that’s a little unorthodox?


Be a growing firm that’s expanding into new states, new service and industries areas. Offer plenty of career opportunities to learn, get better, and move up. Openly celebrate the bright, innovative people who already work there. Foster a culture that cares about every team member. Make commitments to the environment and the community. Provide unexpected pockets of fun.

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